Roebuck hunting
15.06. – 30.11.

Our hunting area is a mix of forests and brushwood patched farmland. Terrain is mostly hilly, in some places crossed by deep ravines. Because area is not densely populated there is a lot of useful space for good roebuck. The average weight of trophies varies from 200-450g, but every year 2-3 medal-quality bucks are being bagged in this area.
Hunting usually means sitting in a stand of trees on the edge of meadow or a clear cut area, where bucks come to feed. It is strongly recommended to use a locker during the rut time to see the strongest bucks. If you prefer active hunting and stalking,  this is best in the morning or evening.
There aren’t any restrictions on using firearms of different caliber in this hunting area, but we recommend from .223 Rem up to .308Win caliber rifles. If you wish to shoot Wild Boar or Elk-calibers up to 9×62 are recommended.

The accidental killing of animals off license

We really hope that this will never happen – but if it does, the duty of the organizers is to report it to the responsible person in State Forest Office, who will immediately investigate it at the scene. A form and appropriate penalty fee will be applied. The penalty fee depends on species and time of hunting (seasonal or forbidden period) and varies between  100 and 12,000 EUR.


Trophies are normally measured 24 hours after boiling.
Trophies weight consists of boiled skull with upper jaw and antlers.
If the hunter leaves hunting district before 24 hours are up, thereby not allowing sufficient time for drying before weighing, the trophy will be weighed wet and that weight will be registered at time and is final.