Elk Hunting

Elk is very common in our hunting area though you will need to work well to find an animal with antlers of trophy quality. The most common way of hunting Elk is to wait concealed near a place like a fallen Aspen tree, where they are likely to gather for food.  During the mating period the Elk Bulls gather in certain places known to us and it is possible to go there to collect a fine specimen. Later, in the autumn, like in Scandinavia, it is possible to hunt Elk with dogs.  The hunters remain concealed upwind and the trained dogs drive the Elk within shooting range.

The accidental killing of animals off license

We really hope that this will never happen – but if it does, the duty of the organizers is to report it to the responsible person in State Forest Office, who will immediately investigate it at the scene. A form and appropriate penalty fee will be applied. The penalty fee depends on species and time of hunting (seasonal or forbidden period) and varies between  100 and 12,000 EUR.


Trophies are normally measured 24 hours after boiling.
Trophies weight consists of boiled skull with upper jaw and antlers.
If the hunter leaves hunting district before 24 hours are up, thereby not allowing sufficient time for drying before weighing, the trophy will be weighed wet and that weight will be registered at time and is final.